Amrit-Sadhana grew up in a yogic household. Ayurveda, adaptogens, yoga, meditation and a healthy diet and lifestyle shaped her passion for sharing this lifestyle with others. Meditation and Yoga became a second breath and a way for her to cope with stress at a young age. Knowing this was not the norm for most western women, she wanted to create a platform where women could go for all things wellness, consciousness and body love. Body Bliss Life was born. With a lifetime of experience, her knowledge and passion for this lifestyle radiates. She will give you the tools to fill your life with bliss and fall deeply in love with your body.

If yoga and meditation are her breath, dancing is her heartbeat. From the moment she could stand, she was dancing. When she discovered feminine movement, the game was changed and she knew she has found the movement she wanted to teach. With her training in S Factor and a lifetime of experience with Kundalini Yoga and meditation, Amrit-Sadhana takes you through a serious of circularized movements, designed specifically for the female body. This dance will open your hips, stretch your curves and give you the tools to reclaims and fall in love with your body exactly as it is in this moment. All workshops, classes and privates are a combination of yoga, dance and meditation. You will leave feeling grounded and radiant in your body. 




Amrit-Sadhana is such a gift and so talented. She has an incredibly intuitive with your body and knows what it needed during each session. She taught me how to listen to my body and helped bring a whole new part of me alive that I didn’t even know existed. I feel empowered, beautiful, feminine and free! -Laura

I am so extremely grateful for working with Amrit. Before coming to her private, I was having difficulty listening to my body and letting her go to the places where she needed to express herself. In my privates with Amrit, I was given a supportive space for my body to do exactly this. Amrit is a great teacher, because she not only supports you, but she is able to witness you, and guide you to exactly where your body is desiring to go. Afterwards, my body felt incredibly fluid and open & I have been able to move my hips in a way that I have ever before - people in my life started to let me know how sexy my hips were! Thank you so much for your teaching Amrit, I have this new movement in my body that I am so excited to continue exploring. -Carrie

Incredible. Beautiful. Sensual. Empowering. Had the most amazing experience here. So freeing. Thank you! - Anonymous

Wow, where do I begin? This experience exceeded my expectations. We were greeted by Amrit at her lovely home kitchen. Her place was warm, welcoming, and provided the perfect backdrop for the next 2 hours. Amrit was very knowledgeable and knew a lot about how food effects the body. Not only did Erik and I learn how to make an amazing vegetarian lasagna, it also felt like I was in the kitchen with my close friend. By the end of the lesson we joked that we would love to be her neighbors, just so we could enjoy her amazing creations! She provided us with a main course, 2 sides, some truffles, and was kind enough to make my s/o an elixir for his health! Being her first students, I can vouch for her culinary expertise and will deff be back! -Ariana and Erik