Private BBM Sessions:

Do you have the desire to dive deep into your feminine body? Learn the skills to allow your emotions and your body to have a voice. A private Body Bliss Movement session is for you. In these sessions you will learn how to fall deeply in love with every curve on your body. Throughs slow circularized movements, you will be guided an a journey of rediscovery. A combination of yoga, pilates, dance and meditation you will connect your body, mind and soul in a cathartic and joyous celebration of your body. 


Adaptogen Consultation:

Are you curious about adaptogens but no sure where to start? Not sure which adaptogens will be best for your body? Amrit-Sadhana has a gift at intuiting which adaptogens would be most powerful for you at the time. Not only will she provide you with a personalized list and recommendations for brands but will also customize a recipe that will suite your lifestyle best.