January Goddess of the Month: Tricia of Your Joyologist

This Month's Goddess has a special place in my heart. Growing up in the Sikh community, mantra is in my blood. There is a technology behind repeating something over and over again. It sneaks into your subconscious and you start to believe it. This also goes for negative mantras. This is the exact reason I chose Tricia as the January Goddess. She makes beautiful mantras for you to carry with you, drink from and hang on your wall. Not only are they positive and uplifting, but empowering. She remind people to LIVE their lives, to find their passion and to take each breath with intention and meaning. 

What inspired you to create your own business?

The sudden loss of my father was a big wake up call to me as to how many people are just existing and not truly living and how short life really is.  I knew that I wanted to do more to make a difference but didn’t know how, so I started in the world I knew, which was the touring concert world.

Why affirmations and mantras?

I have personally seen a huge transformation in my life from using affirmations.  When you choose to truly use them powerfully by actually working to believe what you are saying you will start to be woken up to all that truly lies within you.  Also, they are quick to the point turn around to get out of any negative thought patterns that surface!

Who is the most inspiring woman in your life and why?

Oh that is a tough one! If we are talking in my direct personal life, I have to say my mom and this is something I am recognizing more and more now that I am a mom.  She has always always always been there for me, even when she questioned my choices. She has been so hard working my entire life, something that growing up I didn’t appreciate because I wanted her around more, but she was working so hard for us as a family to support us. 

For as long as I can remember, even back as a trouble making teen I could tell her anything, and call her at anytime and she would be there for me.

Also honorable mentions to Sophie Jaffe, Robyn Youkilis, and Tristan Prettyman all badass heart conscious ladies who are doing their best to raise babies AND have a meaningful career serving others and themselves. 

If you were stranded on an island and could only take two things with you, which two would you choose and why?


I’m not going to lie…this question drives me crazy!  I need more details! What exists on the island?  Are these food items, personal items, any item period?!?!  ha!  So I will just go with the first two things I think of. My vitamix to make creative meals from what I find (but is there power there?).  Any device that could play pandora music stations as I like music to change up my days and shift my moods but I need variety. 

What is your morning ritual?

HA! feed my infant (breastfeeding a four month old) then feed my toddler.  Life with a new baby hasn’t afforded me much space for a ritual….but we are just this week working on getting her on the 7-7 sleep schedule and once I have a week or so to try to catch up on the last almost 5 months of little sleep, my goal is to wake up at 6am before the kids and have a little time to handwrite out an intention for the day, perhaps do some morning pages in and get a little 20-30 minute workout in!

How do you honor your feminine body?

By loving it wholly no matter what state it is.  Yes, my intention is to get exercise in the am but that is because I feel more alive that way, not because I need to lose weight or be a certain size.  I will no longer stand for shaming my own body!

Where do you find Bliss in your life?

Where don’t I find it?! Honesty I find it in making a home cooked meal, in singing out loud with the radio while driving, while going to be before 10pm, in watching my daughter learn something new.  So often it is in the little moments. 

If you could offer one piece of advice to women, what would it be? 

Cut the word Should out of your life!  It is so ingrained in us and we don’t even realize how much that word controls our choices.  Try taking it out and most of the time you will find the word that replaces it is WANT which is such a more powerful word that puts you in control of your life. 



My name is Tricia.  I am 32 years old.  I am 5’10”.  I love green juice and yoga, and wine, and gluten free pizza, and laughing a lot.  I am a rock and roll roadie at heart, and by first career.  I speak wise words, deep thoughts, and cuss like a sailor.   I believe food is medicine.   I have lived/am living a freaking amazing life full of breakdowns and holy shits of the good and bad kind (well really they are all good as breakdowns lead to breakthroughs).  I create my life moment to moment.  I believe it is all possible.  I savor life.  I love being alive.  I love you.  I believe in you.