Things I ♥

Products and companies I love and believe in. 


Root and Bones

One of my favorite adaptogen companies. Alyssa is an amazing acupuncturist and is extremely knowledgeable on adaptogens and how they can heal and help the body with stress. All of her products have a high vibration that you can feel. I love all of them but my favorites are reishi and Pine Pollen. Discount Code: bodybliss


If you want to feel like a Bohemian Goddess, then Daughters of Culture is your place to shop. Their clothing is incredibly beautiful, comfortable and versatile. From yoga to dinner, they have you covered. Ran by powerful women who believe in dressing women in beautiful, high vibration clothing. Discount Code:: bodybliss


This is one of my ALL-TIME favorite superfood companies. It was one of the first blends I introduced into my diet and it is truly what began my journey into adaptogens and superfoods in my daily diet. Not only are these superfood blends loaded with incredible adaptogens but they also double as a protein powder. 100% plant-based and no sweetener added. I use them in both sweet and savory foods. Discount Code: bodybliss15


This is my favorite functional mushroom company for on the go. You simply stash a few packets in your purse and you can have an adaptogenic uplift at any time. The owner is environmentally conscious and the company is built on good morals and sustainability. Discount Code: bodyblisslife


It’s taken me a really long time to find a CBD company that I found truly effective and that didn’t hurt my stomach. Prehemptive comes in a organic hemp oil carrier so it increases the relaxing effects. I use this stuff daily for anxiety, anti-inflammatory properties, menstrual cramps and whenever I just need to chill. They are an amazing company doing amazing things. CODE: bodybliss10 .


An adaptogenic coffee replacement that is filled with all my favorite adaptogens. Sometimes I drink it straight up, sometimes I'll put half coffee and half Rasa Koffee in my coffee maker in the morning. Either way, it is delicious, good for you and gives your adrenals a little break. Discount Code: bodybliss15


For the perfect bralette, look no further. To say that I love these bras would be an understatement (I may or may not own 9). Created by women for woman and challenging cultural body standards. This is by far my favorite bra company. For $10 off your order, use code AMB-Bodyblisslife2


The best organic and high vibration matcha you can find. Mizuba is a local Portland company. Lauren sources directly from a 100 year old family farm in Japan. Her ethics and commitment to providing high quality products and creating a strong and sustainable relationship with the farmers is inspiring. code: InstaTeaTime


My Vitamix is truly one of my most prized possessions. I use it at least 3 times a day to make everything from lattes, to pesto, to nut butters. They are pricey but offer very reasonable financing and are truly worth every penny. I purchased a certified refurbished vitamix from the company and have had zero regrets.


One of my favorite adaptogen companies. Sun Portion is certified organic and have a passion in sourcing clean, sustainable adaptogens. A few of my favorite products are Yin Power, Ashwagandha and Mucuna Pruriens.


Beautiful jewelry with a beautiful mission. I get at least 5 comments a day on my necklace. DISCOUNT CODE: amrit10

By Michael A. Singer