Fall into Bliss


Fall into Bliss

75.00 every month for 6 months 99.00 every month for 6 months

Fall into bliss in your mind, body and spirit with this 6 month group coaching session. We will meet twice a month for an hour and half to connect, meditate, and work through the things that are holding us back. An example of some things we will cover in this program:

  • healing your relationship with food

  • setting healthy boundaries

  • creating a self care practice

  • facing your fears

We will meet over zoom video meetings and the session will be interactive. You will get the support of myself as well as a group of amazing women to uplift, hold accountable, bond and heal together. The special pricing lasts through September 1st and then goes up to $99/month for 6 months. There are only 8 spots open for this session.


Please note: If you for some reason decide to discontinue or are unable to finish the 6 month program, you will still be responsible for the remaining payments.